Is all we want a healthy baby?

All we want is a healthy baby

I wonder how many people ACTUALLY believe this statement when they’re saying it? I can understand if it’s a statement that comes with some history and I’m not saying that everyone doesn’t hope for a healthy baby.

What I’m suggesting is that is not ALL want people want. Or maybe it is, maybe pregnancy turns you into an idealist where nothing in life phases you if you have your health.

If that is the case what the hell happens after the babies arrive?


There must be a switch which turns on in a parent’s brain that says “Right, now we have a healthy baby let’s get this young man enrolled in Oxford by the age 5”


Parent groups must take some blame for this, they’re basically cognitive development fight clubs except fight club rules don’t apply.

“Can you believe that Sarah’s 1 year old doesn’t even have a basic understanding of Fibonacci numbers yet?”

“What about little 2 year old Jack’s artwork? At best it’s a subtle nod to cubism but honestly I can only describe it as somewhat pedestrian.”


But this is also encouraged by healthcare professionals.


“Well done SuperParent, little Jimmy is in the top whatever percentile for whatever metric”

“So what does that mean?”

“He’ll grow to be a mighty prince among men, stomping on nay sayers whilst towering over tyranny.”

“That’s wonderful, I guess that’s why he only sleeps for 20 minutes at a time.”

The fact of the matter is that whilst there seems to be an abundance of exceptional children they seldom grow into exceptional adults.


So perhaps it is fine just having healthy baby that isn’t can’t memorise the periodic table or that has an understanding of string theory.

Maybe pregnancy has turned me into a mood stone owning idealist.


Then again I don’t know what will happen to my brain in July.


On a completely unrelated topic, here’s our baby’s first selfie taken in the Sahara Desert.

bump selfie
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is a baby and family portrait photographer at Memory Gate Photography he is due to become a father for the first time on 10th July 2014

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