Trying to be less sweary | Sympathy Pains

Oh sh***********t, Emma’s been on maternity leave for two weeks now which means only one thing, this baby is coming soon!

The NCT classes are done, the nursery has been decorated and the hospital bag was packed weeks ago.

Now all I have to worry about is being supportive through the whole birthing thing and try to rise a well adjusted child for the next couple of decades.

That of course is easier said than done so I’ve started to evaluate my life and consider what changes might be needed.

First on the list : Try to be less sweary.

A few weeks ago a friend of mine told me a rather funny story which made me think .
My friend occasionally refers to his dog as “that bloody thing”
One day his mother-in-law walked into the living room at about the same time as the dog. His delightful 3 year old son looked up and said “Oh look, here comes that bloody thing”

It’s like something straight of ‘kids say the funniest things’ except everybody judges the parents because obviously they must be very sweary.

So am I actually worried about having a sweary toddler or am I more worried about what people think of me?

You know what? F**k them.

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