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This is an out of office automated reply

As I mentioned weeks ago I’ll be going on maternity leave from 13th June 2014 so please send all your enquires to the main accounts email address.
This email account will not be monitored as everyone will be far too busy working out how on earth they are going to cope without me for a whole year.
Yes that’s right, I’m going to take a whole year off to look after my baby, it’s not a holiday.
For those of you that don’t know what maternity leave is it means I’m having a baby so don’t ask where I’ll be.
Just so you know I’m not one of those people who has their work email directed to their iPhone so they can work when they get home when their not being paid to work. Some might call this maintaining a work life balance but the truth is the last thing I want to do is deal with your emails after I’ve clocked off for the day.
Feel free to reply to this email and I’ll get right back to you at some point in July 2015. If you have a payment query then I’d probably use the main accounts email otherwise you might be waiting a while to get paid.
Thank you for taking the time to read this email and know that your enquiry isn’t important to me.
Out of office automatic reply to replying to the automatic reply
Re:This is an out of office automated reply
I’m not joking, this message was written weeks ago and has been distributed by some very clever software.
Essentially you have wasted your time replying to the last email but I thought it would be nice to set up an automatic reply for those people who reply to the first automatic reply.
It wasn’t easy to set up so I hope you appreciate this.
Keep replying to these emails, see what happens
Out of office automatic reply to replying to the automatic reply to replying to the automatic reply
Re:Re:This is an out of office automated reply
Hi [Insert Name]
I bet you’re wondering how on earth I managed to set this up and perhaps I am one of those people that forwards their emails to their personal phone so they can work when they are not getting paid.
Do you honestly think that while I have my feet up enjoying my maternity leave watching Netflix I’ll be bothered to send email replies to you?
I must have freaked you out a bit when I personalised the start of this email but honestly that’s very easy to do automatically.
I like I said before, no one read your last email, or the one before that or indeed the first one you sent.
Go on [insert name], try replying again.
Out of office automatic reply to replying to the automatic reply to replying to the automatic reply to replying to the automatic reply
Re: Subscription to XXX Bulgarian Wives
Thank you [insert name]
We are happy to confirm your 12 month subscription to XXX Bulgarian Wives.
Please note that your account has been billed with the payment details provided on registration.
Your login details are
Username : IToldYouToStopReplyingToTheseEmails
The Password is : WeHaveYourBankAccountDetails

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