How long does the pregnancy sickness last?

So to update you we are at week 17 of our pregnancy and Emma is still feeling sick.
Luckily it’s only in the mornings, mid mornings afternoons and evenings. At lunch she’s fine.


Although I did get this email from her the other day.


How is your day going? I’m doing everything in my power to not puke on my desk.

Sick Bowl next to bed

Here’s the list of things I can no longer have in the house, types of food I can’t use to cook with and places we can’t go to anymore.




Pepperoni (which used to be her favourite kind of pizza).

Eggs – fried, scrambled or as omelettes….. Cakes are allowed.

Spicy food and in fact anything that might even slightly cause heartburn.

Milk unless it’s really fresh – watching people smell milk made my wife gag before she was pregnant.


Pound Shops


Anywhere outside near where people are smoking.

Anywhere inside where people are likely to come into after smoking.

Farms or anywhere too ‘rural’.

Hospitals (that’s a tricky one to avoid).


I’m sure there’s more to the list but you get the idea. By far the worst culprit is the fridge. Emma now makes this loud retching sound every time she opens it. It’s horrible as it echos around the kitchen…..not what you want when you’re having your breakfast.


I have since cleaned it out and removed food that on the banned list but apparently there’s still something in there which doesn’t smell right.


So the question my wife keeps asking is…….how long does the sickness last?


is a baby and family portrait photographer at Memory Gate Photography he is due to become a father for the first time on 10th July 2014

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