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I got a nice email from The Baby Centre last week which read

At the end of this week, you’re going to reach an important pregnancy milestone: your baby will be considered full-term. That means you could give birth any day now. Walking may become increasingly uncomfortable. Some mums-to-be say it feels as if their baby is going to fall out! 
Holly crap. Any. Day. Now.
Well i like to think that we are prepared. We made it through the whole NCT course, we have the hospital bag packed, we have a collection of of bags of donated baby clothes from friends, the nursery is decorated and all furniture is assembled.
I was feeling pretty good about it all, especially after our last NCT class a couple of weeks ago……and then what happened? One Born Every Minute started a new series.
I know it’s TV and the thing about shows like this is that they are heavily edited to make an entertaining (or frightening) television program.
Even with this knowledge this program manages to undo all of the hard work our NCT instructor as put in. It’s a bit like a Formula 1 driver watching 1970’s crash footage before a big race.
Honestly I’m surprised Channel 4 haven’t revamped the program. I was expecting One Born Every Minute Into Benefits or My Big Fat Gypsy Birth Plan to appear on our screens soon.

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