The first NCT class

Last week we attended our very first NCT class at the Gooseberry Bush in Wimbledon. The evening was more of an open Q&A session with a smattering of meet and greet but there was some good solid information to get us started. The most surprising thing I learnt was that John Lewis do a nursery tour which somehow completely passed me by!

At the beginning of the session we all divided into boys and girls groups and introduced ourselves. I wasn’t aware we were going to be tested on how much we were paying attention so forgot names as quickly as they were shared.
We all then had to find something we had in common which wasn’t the fact that our partners were having babies. We didn’t do too well at this, our three things were that this was going to be our first child, this was our first NCT class and than none of us smoked. We then combined boys groups and all found out that at some point, all of us have watched The Big Bang Theory, imagine the odds of that!

Homework was to find out how to prepare for a marathon.

Here’s what I found out.

It’s important to plan and prepare. According to Andy Dixon from Runners World we shouldn’t underestimate the challenge and just amble up the the start line (or in this case the hospital).
When Emma is full term I’m not sure her movements will be described as an amble but I guess we have to work on that.

Commit to training
Marathon runners put in an average of 16 weeks of structured preparation. Our NCT class is only 6 weeks but to be fair we’ve already been busy preparing things like painting the nursery and finding someone to make a lamp shade and rocking chair pillow to match the John Lewis curtains we brought.

Eat Properly
I’ve already packed Jelly Babies into our hospital bag and with all the carb loading we’ll be doing it gives me the perfect excuse to get out the pasta machine.

Pace yourself
It turns out that a birth isn’t a race at all so this is where the whole marathon analogy falls down a bit.

Don’t think you can imitate Jedward
This was the last bit of advice I found and I’m trying to see how it might refer to childbirth but really I think it’s a moto for life in general. If ever you are stuck or don’t know what to do just think WWJD (what would Jedward do) and do the exact opposite.

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