Crying over cous cous

As the second trimester comes to a close I think I’ve been coping with the pregnancy well so far so I’m inclined to give myself a big pat on the back.
My wife however seems to be embracing every pregnancy symptom that exists. The sickness has been replaced by pains and thankfully she’s able to keep a whole meal down.
A couple of weeks ago we had what I like to call “The Last Holiday” in Tunisia. Nothing fancy, just one of those all-you-can-eat package holidays that make all your clothes smell like buffet. It was the buffet that triggered this week’s symptom. The problem with trying to cater for an international audience (well mostly English and German people) is that you can’t please everyone. Having lived on cruise ships for five years neither of us are in love with the buffet concept but we can usually find something we like.

On the 2nd day of our holiday this wasn’t the case. The meat in trays was liver or what looked like chickens that nearly escaped before they got butchered with a bread knife.
I’m not even sure what the other trays were as it wasn’t clear so our meal that evening was mostly salad.
Personally I thought the salad selection was very good although by the 3rd day I’d had enough of fennel.
My wife looking at her plate of dry cous cous didn’t agree and started to cry.
“Why are you crying?”
“I don’t know, I just don’t like my dinner”
It must have been a strange scene to watch, my wife in tears at the dinner table and me nearly falling off my chair laughing.

After the tears we did go on a nice tour to the desert and the salt lakes, here’s a quick snap.tunisia-salt-lake

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