30 Unique ways to spell the name Unique

I got a lovely text from my friend the other day with a picture of his newborn baby and all the usual vital statistics. Born at 4:48am, poor guy I thought, he must have had a long night.
But it was the last bit of the message really caught my attention “name still be debated”.
That’s a foolish thing to send to me I thought, he should know better. 

So began a barrage of texts sent his way suggesting all manner of ridiculous names. My personal favourite was White Dee but I don’t think he watches Benefit Street so it went somewhat over his head.

In the end I think they quite predictably went for something sensible but there are lots of different wacky and crazy names you can give your children from Phinnaeus to Pilot Inspektor. 

We are still debating what we’ll be naming our first born. 
If it’s a boy I’d like to go with Sue, not because it’s my mother’s name (which it is) but because I’m a Jonny Cash fan. 

I am rather inspired by misspellings and variations of different names. If you are looking for some unquie inspiration then here are 30 Unique ways to spell the name Unique. 

  1. Uneeke
  2. Unike
  3. Iunike
  4. Eunique
  5. Unik
  6. U N’q
  7. UNeek
  8. YouNeek
  9. Younique
  10. Uneke
  11. Youneke
  12. Youkneek
  13. Ukneek
  14. Uneq
  15. Uneeq
  16. Uneq
  17. Youneq
  18. Yuneke
  19. Yuneek
  20. Yooneke
  21. Yooneek
  22. Yu n’k
  23. U n’k
  24. U’Nique
  25. U’Neeque
  26. U’Neek
  27. U’Neik
  28. U’Kneeke
  29. Unyik
  30. Uoonique

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