Black Hat social media practices

If I told you I knew a way to get 10,000 twitter followers in one week you’d probably ask either what the catch was or how much is this going to cost me?

People selling such services do not have your best interest at heart and they are certainly not selling a quality service. Essentially what they are selling is a spam service that utilises black hat practices. If you’re wondering, black hat is a bad thing and we’ve already talked about the grey areas and the best practices (white hat).

Black practices don’t have to be used by third party companies, they can be things you do which are not only loosing the trust your customers have in you but loosing you customers altogether.


London mums in business social media


Here’s a few things you really should avoid doing. Remember the golden rule, take the social element out of social media and all you have is noise.


Unsolicited Sales Messsages

This can be posting irrelevant messages to people’s Facebook pages or annoying direct messages. Even high street chuggers say hello before they try and get your card details.


Follow frenzy

I know it’s tempting to try and get more followers by following lots of people but there is a reason sites like Twitter have a limit to the amount of people you can follow without an almost equal amount of people following you back. Not to mentioned following 2000 people and having 10 follows doesn’t look great.


Over automated

I talked a little bit about this in my article How to welcome new followers on Twitter. Some automation tools are good but for the most part they are pretty spammy.


Having a bad attitude

No one likes a troll.


Being Fraudulant

No one likes a Catfish.


Don’t believe the hype, there are no quick fixes or special magic tricks which will get you a massive overnight following.

Share quality, relevant content to your target audience and the rest will come.


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