Become a Twitter power user with keyboard short-cuts

Keyboard shortcuts on Twitter are not by any means new, in fact they have been around for a good couple of years or so but still very few people use them.

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As a photographer who is constantly spending my time in front of a computer editing, keyboard short-cuts are an essential part of my workflow.

It has taken me while to actually start using the shortcuts on Twitter, mainly because I’m either use a mobile app or a third party application like HootSuite.


Recently though have found myself using the desktop application more and more as I have a tendency to edit with two computers running side by side to allow to me multi-task better and not have lots of windows open on one machine (who says boys can’t multi-task).


Whilst I’m writing this on one keyboard I only have to reach over and tap GR on another keyboard to have a quick look at mentions that are coming through or even better hit full stop (.) to see an updated feed. Using the spacebar to scroll is also much better than scrolling a wheel on a mouse or swiping a trackpad.

Twitter keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are easy to find just go to Tools and select Keyboard Shortcuts from the drop down menu. All you have to do is pick a couple to learn for a few days and it’ll become second nature in no time!


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