A look at New Facebook Page Insights

Facebook have recently launched a new style insights for business pages so I thought I’d take a closer look at what has changed.

Straight way we’re greeted with a much more user friendly interface which gives you a snapshot of the last 7 days. It not only gives you the numbers but how that has compare from the previous week. Along with the latest information about page likes, post reach and engagement we are also shown the performance of our last five posts.

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Facebook insights overview

Things get really interesting when you do explore further than the overview.





How has your fan base has grown over time and how are people connecting with your Page?

At the top of this section we have a very fun slider which will easily allow you to compare data from the last 3 months or just the last week. There’s a good overview of how many times your Page was liked and unliked each day. You are also able to and learn whether your likes have come from adverts, page suggestions, mobile apps or others sources.

Facebook insights page likes

Post Reach


Generally speaking, posts that get more likes, comments and shares show up more in News Feed and are seen by more people. Posts that are hidden, reported as spam or cause people to unlike your Page reach fewer people. This next section gives you a good overview of this interaction. If you notice a spike or dip, look at what you posted that day to learn more about how you might have influenced your reach.

Facebook insights posts


Page visits


Likes and comments are great but you also need to know what people are looking at on your page. This is especially important if you have gone to the time, effort (and money) to create different custom tabs.

You also have a nice snapshot of other page activity like mentions, check-ins and offers purchased.

The last part of this section deals with external referrers, it’ll let you know how many people have come to your page from your website or other sources like search engines.




Do you know what type of content gets the best engagement on your page? There is loads of great information you can grab from this section. Not only can you have a quick view of your best types of post but you can organise post popularity by clicks, engagement , likes and comments.

One other extremely important part of this area is when your fans are online. It’ll let you know which days and times of the week are best for you to publish your best content.




Who actually are your fans? Not only do you have a quick breakdown of the sex of your fans (Mine are 74% women) but how old they are, what country and city they are from, what languages they speak. That’s a powerful chunk of information.

It goes further to let you know the same information about the people you reach and that are engaged with your posts. For example 74% of my fans are women but 89% of the people who are engaged with my posts are women and none of those are over 55.

Facebook insights Age

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