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It doesn’t matter how long you’ve worked in this business there’s always something new to learn.

As I write this I’m traveling back across London on my way from a full day training course with photographer Ray Lowe.

Ray has been working as a professional photography since before I was born so I’d be a fool not to jump at the chance to learn from him.


There was loads of great insights but here’s just three I picked out which can pretty much apply to anyone either photographing there own children or doing it professionally.


1. Never photograph children on Mondays – This is due to the dad effect. He’s had the kids all weekend and been filling them with E numbers and who knows what else! It’s also the nap routine has gone out of the window during the weekend too.


2. Make sure you light faces properly. You’ll want to get that twinkle in their eye. Make sure your model (baby) is turned or looking towards whatever light source you are using.


3. A pose is what people do naturally…. It’s just slightly more refined.
This was my favourite quote from the day as whilst it is important to pose you don’t want to go too far. If people, babies included, are uncomfortable then it’ll show in the pictures.


Photo of the week


As we’re experiencing somewhat of an Indian summer (although how long that will last remains to be seen) I thought this week’s photo of the week should be a location shoot.

I do like photographing on location at this time of year (if we can avoid the rain) as the sun in the afternoon is always low a creates a great quality of light.

You can see all of our latest baby portraits at The Portrait Photographers

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