Photo Quick Tips #3 Move


I’ll share a little secret with you all……. the easiest way to get better pictures is to move.


You have two options;

Move yourself or move your subject.


It’s really as simple as that but let me explain further……..


Move yourself

This is not just about moving to get a better view at a wedding or standing up out of chair to get a better angle but really experimenting with the angle of view of your camera.


Many interesting images are so because they offer a different or unique view of the world.
If you are photographing an everyday subject then the beat way to make it more interesting is to photograph it from an unexpected viewpoint.

This can be getting down low on the floor or climbing up a tree….whatever takes your fancy!


Wedding photo taken from fire exit stairs


Moving around your subject also allows you to explore your subject more. For example if you visit a church and think to yourself ‘that’s a nice church’ then your instinct would be just to go snap. What you’ll get is an interesting subject but a boring photo.
Take time to walk around a bit first, explore and experiment.


Move your subject

AKA the art of posing.


One of the first things a wedding or portrait client always asks for is natural images that aren’t posed.

In all honesty the only people who consistently photograph well unposed are professional models. It’s not just that they are pretty (some of them are fairly strange looking) but they are aware of two important things.

1. Where the camera is and where the light is.

2. Posing isn’t about sitting up straight on a chair with a mottled 1980s background, nor is it elaborate editorial gestures.


Posing is about simple direction and guidance.

As a photographer I know that if someone just lifts their chin up a bit or turns their head towards the light source then I’m going to get a better photo.

It’s also about putting your subject in a better scene. You might want to move a subject because of an unattractive background or even so they are in the shade (direct sunlight can cause all sorts of problem shadows).


That said…… sometimes you just want them in a shopping trolly!


So there we go. Another step towards taking better pictures, move yourself, your camera and your subject.

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