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Point of interest, sometimes referred to as the centre of interest, is probably the most important element in any photographic composition. If your photography has any goal at all then at the most basic level it has to capture or record a subject or point of interest. In order for that image to become good or even acceptable, then your photograph needs to emphasise the importance of your point of interest.

centre of interest

In Composition an Introduction we already discussed a few of the elements that the eye needs to take in on a journey into and around your photograph but before you start with that you must first begin with a clear idea of what the important parts of your image are.

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point of interest

Any picture needs to have point of interest to make it begin to be pleasing to the eye. Pictures with too many of these can be frustrating to look at.

Although not a photograph, think about a Where’s Wally? illustration. The whole point of those drawings are to confuse the viewer and to frustrate the eye. By design a Where’s Wally illustration does not allow the eye to be drawn to any one single point, it doesn’t lead the eye in any direction and it follows no traditional rule of composition. In fact they are the perfect example of an anti-compostion or a puzzle for the eye if you will.

engagement photography Windsor

Not all images where there is a crowd of people ignore there points of interest. If you have a busy scene you will have to really consider how you will make your centre of interest easily identifiable.


As we continue to discuss more of the rules of composition you must always go back to why you are following a particular rule. That reason should be to emphasise and communicate it’s point or centre of interest.


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