Photography Activities for Kids: Creating Patterns

Learning about photography isn’t just about understanding things like ISO and shutter speed, it should also be about fun. Last week I came across an ebook from Purple Chameleon Books (their first ebook in fact) called Photography Activities for Kids: Creating Patterns.

Now I must admit I did have an inkling to what might be inside the book as I know the author and we had previously discussed this idea over a cold beverage or two some months back.


The concept is simple, create a series of photography activity books that give kids some fun ideas to explore the world through the lens of a camera. Allowing them to develop the ideas as only a child’s imagination can whilst learning at the same time.


The main champion of the idea was 7 year old Josh, who with his 5 year old sister Sophie produced most of the imagery in the book. The books are aimed at 7-11 year old children and although Josh and Sophie are only at bottom end of the age range they fully embraced each of the 10 projects with the enthusiasm you would hope a child of their age would.


The four core principles are for children to


* Use their imagination to put their own stamp on each project

* To be creative and photograph things as they see it

* To be as artistic as they want to be

* And most of all TO HAVE FUN


The thing that I like most about this first book is that it doesn’t require lots of expensive equipment or an in depth working photography knowledge. Most of the projects use the camera’s automatic modes and the things needed can be found around the home or at the very least at a local supermarket.


Each project begins with a brief of what you might hope to achieve and it is very much centred around discovery. The items needed are listed along with instructions and camera settings that should be used.

The book is beautifully illustrated with Josh and Sophie’s images as examples and their results and comments are also shared.

There are also suggestions on how you might make each project a little different which potentially turns 10 projects into 50 so you’ll certainly be getting your £5.99 worth!


WOW, I didn’t know bubbles looked like that!

Josh age 7


I enjoyed doing this one and want to try it again another day but next time I’ll try not to spin round and fall over.

Sophie age 5


I really like doing this one as I learnt things too. I didn’t know that yellow and blue would make green or that red and blue would make purple so it was fun to watch the colours appear in the vase.

Josh age 7


This one was a lot of fun, I really enjoyed it. I liked swirling the oil and water with my finger.

Josh age 7


Photography Activities for Kids: Creating Patterns has be found at and is priced at £5.99. If you have children in the 7-11 age range I highly recommend you have a look and I’d love to see some of your images!

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