The Colour Red | Weekly Photography Challenge

This weekly photo challenge is deigned to complement our free online photography basics classes. Each week we will set a different theme and your homework is to go out and photograph a collection of images related to that theme.


You can start this challenge whenever you like and do the different themes in any order you see fit. Think of these challenges as a photography workout. Don’t just do them once and not revisit them. If you do start these challenges as you begin our online basics classes then in a few months why not revisit older challenges to see how much better a photographer you have become.

photo challenges


Also try and think outside the box as much as possible. Photography is as much about creative interpretation as it is about technical prowess.


If at any time you’d like a critique of your images then please feel free to email us.


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The colour red stands for many things, danger, anger and are a few.

The wonderful thing about the colour red is that when it appears in either nature or the man made world it has a purpose and it often carries a strong message with it.

A red light shouts stop whereas a red berry sometimes means poisonous.

abstract bokeh red

For this challenge perhaps think about when the colour red appears somewhere that contradicts its established meaning.

pork red sausage

Or how about how two or three very different red objects can be combined to create an image with a whole new meaning.

boat red sunset

Alternatively you could think about red as an emotion. Could you capture an image that expresses the colour red without the actual colour being present? Could you even do this with a black and white image?

red stairs carpet

Have fun and as always feel free to send me your images via email or on Twitter

tomatoes red

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