Shadows | Weekly Photography Challenge

With the great British summer in full swing there’s surely no better time to capture shadows. Actually any time of year, in any part of the world is a good time or place to photograph shadows. The act of photography is all about capturing light and where there’s a light source there’s a shadow.

This photography challenge be be about any type of shadow. You can try your hand at a bit of shadow puppetry or simlply photograph interesting shapes you see.
Try and think about how the shadows are interacting with what they collide with. Shadows can be a great way to describe an object and to make it appear to be three dimensional.

This weekly photo challenge is designed to complement our photography basics section the London Mums website. Each week we will set a different theme and your homework is to go out and photograph a collection of images related to that theme.
You can start this challenge whenever you like and do the different themes in any order you see fit. Think of these challenges as a photography workout. Don’t just do them once and not revisit them. If you do start these challenges as you begin our online basics classes then in a few months why not revisit older challenges to see how much better a photographer you have become.
Also try and think outside the box as much as possible. Photography is as much about creative interpretation as it is about technical prowess.

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