Photographing your family | Weekly photography challenge

This is the 52nd and final weekly photo challenge in this series so I decided to make it the biggest project yet; your family.
The reason why most parents pick up a camera or commit to some form of learning is that they want to take better pictures of their family.
If this is the very first photo challenge article you have read then go back through the archives and check out the other 51 weeks. We also have a photography basics course which will help you get started.

Photographing your own family can be tough, even for a photographer. Try and commit to a whole week of photos taking pictures every day. At first I’m sure the kids will either be dodging your camera or throwing dramatic poses in front of it. After a few days they’ll most likely get a bit bored of what you’re up to and you’ll be able to capture some more candid moments.
I’ll avoid pulling out the camera and telling everyone to smile but rather try and photograph the things that are happening around your home.
Try and think about your positioning and the light.
Consider framing and what settings you are using.
Most importantly have fun.



photographing your family


photographing your family


Family photography Cannizaro Park Wimbledon


photographing your family


All photos shot on location in Wimbledon, Clapham and Nonsuch Park in Cheam by Memory Gate photographers

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