Identifying a new target market

I’m continuing my weekly articles with a brand new series titled Mumpreneur Business Tips. I’ll be sharing a few ideas that might help you develop your own business. They’ll be everything from marketing to social media tips so I hope you’ll find something useful.


I’ll be posting a different article every other week and if you’ve already enjoyed the Photo Quick Tips then don’t worry they will still continue!


Identifying a new target market


I’m sure you have a well written business plan and in that plan you have identified your target market.


But does your product or business missing out on an untapped market?


A couple of months ago I was talking on a photography forum with some of my fellow baby photographers and the discussion move towards baby posers.


There are a couple of devices that have been developed especially for baby photographers that help us get babies in the right positions and achieve the sort if images we do.
As you can imagine…..these aren’t cheap, so we’re always talking to each other and keeping an eye out for interesting products that cone onto the market.


One such product is Tummy With Mummy®.
The product was developed as an all-in-1 off-the-floor tummy time activity centre with built in tummy time platform, seat and recliner. It is also handy as it folds up easily.


This means that it makes the perfect posing tool for the mobile baby photographer.


Since ordering my own Tummy With Mummy® I’ve used it on every photo-shoot we’ve had with babies under 4 months and it works a treat!


The best thing is that it costs half of what I might pay for a normal poser.


The sad thing is that I came across this product purely by chance as I didn’t fall into their target market.

Now I’ve almost become a sort of unofficial brand ambassador as I’m showing off my new toy to 5-10 mums a week!


It’s a good example of how if you think outside of the box you can not only find a new target market but also a new way to promote your product.


I should mention that I don’t have any connection to or receive any kickback from Tummy With Mummy® but if you’re a baby photographer it’s £60 well spent!


Photo of the week


An example of one of the shots we’ve got using Tummy With Mummy®


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