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The wonderful world of the modern World Wide Web means that you have several lifetimes of knowledge, advice and experience available at your fingertips, and for the most part it’s free.


For anyone in business the idea about giving anything away for free is frustrating. There is of course an element of double standards. You might feel the same but you’re reading this for free and I’m more than happy to dispense my advice for free. Actually that’s not true. I’m happy to offer about 10% of my advice for free. If you want the rest then you’ll have to reach into you pocket and pay for my services.

If you want to know what my services are they you’ll have to read on but I have to warn you this article is just one long sales pitch.

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The Internet has brought about the wonderful freemuim business model. Offer free version of your product that whilst being fully functional, still has its limits. You then offer a paid upgrade. We see this all the time with smartphone apps. It’s a great idea if you’re a software developer but what if you offer training or consultancy services?


What would be a good promotion for your service? Would 10% off be something that you would consider or indeed something that you have tried?


So let’s say you’ve already given away 10%….. great. But hang on, now you have to promote that offer, you might spend money on ad space or direct marketing. Either way, you’ll be giving away more than just 10%.


That new client who arrives at your business with their lovely 10% off voucher might have already cost you twice that amount. Suddenly we’re giving away 30%.


What if there was an outlet where you could give away only 10% and attract full fee paying clients?


What about your blog?


Let’s use this article as a case study


I offer advice, solutions and ideas that help businesses create relevant marketing content. In short I get businesses more business, boost their SEO and save them a whole bunch of time and money by showing them how to blog properly.


I practice what I preach, I’m blogging about blogging right now. I’m giving away my ideas. I haven’t given away any real secrets, just a sample.


All I’m really suggesting is to take a small part of a bigger thing and put it out there for people to find. It’s as simple as letting people read the first chapter of your book or giving them a free taster sample of your homemade hot sauce. Don’t Amazon and Sainsbury’s do that every day?


But what can you afford to give away that won’t completely devalue what you do? If you give away all the good stuff then why would anyone want to pay for what you offer?


The easy answer is, I can help you with that. My three-hour one to one session on Developing a Business Blogging Strategy will help you evaluate what 10% you are going to give away.


Did you see what I did there?


I have certainly not given away 10%, nowhere near in fact, but hopefully at least I’ve given you the inspiration to think about marketing your business in a different way. Maybe now you’ll not be so worried about giving your services away from free. You’ll be giving away 10% and that’s pretty good for a marketing budget.


As a side note and as a free tip, this article has six hundred words which is a great length of a helpful and informative blog article.


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