Google+ for London Mums and business

It’s been a couple of months since Google launched their latest attempt at social networking and so far the numbers that have already joined speak for themselves.


Will Google+ cause a Myspacing of Facebook? Who knows, but as someone who likes to embrace all sorts of new innovations I’ve spent the last few weeks dipping in and out of the social network.


I photograph children and the worry that many parents have over Facebook’s privacy issues is common.


But this isn’t a new worry. Facebook might only be 7 years old but parents have always been presented with online horror stories.


Before Facebook the phrase we used to hear was ‘I don’t want my pictures on that Internet’


Google+ deals with a lot of privacy issues that Facebook seemed to ignore

The circles feature on Google+ is not only simple and elegant but it makes sharing the right content with the right people that little bit easier.

You can do this sort of restricted sharing on Facebook of course but it’s not obvious or really that easy to set up.


It’ll be interesting to see how Google+ develops and hopefully it won’t become anything like the spam ridden landscape that Facebook has become.


Picture of the Week

Each week we’ll be publishing one of our favorite images from the week. The lucky parents will receive a Memory Gate voucher to spend on lovely photos!

This week I was in the mood for some sepia

You can see all of our latest baby portraits at The Portrait Photographers

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