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Well it’s taken Google long enough but finally you can set-up your own business page on Google+.


Thankfully you can manage and switch between your personal Google+ account and various business pages you set up. You can also choose to comment as your personal account or as your business page (mmmm, sounds familiar).


If you already have a Google Places listing then by adding in your phone number during the set up Google will find and connect those two accounts. I say connect, but there doesn’t really seem to be any real connection other than Google adding a map to your location.


Features wise there isn’t too much different between the business and personal accounts. I set one up for Memory Gate but didn’t bother to do one for PhotoCreative365 as I mostly have photographers in my personal account anyway.


If you already have a Google Places listing then it makes sense to add your own business listing. If you don’t even have a Google+ account then there certainly are at the very least SEO benefits for setting up both.



There doesn’t seem to be an update for the iPhone app yet to allow you to switch between accounts but hopefully we can expect that in the not too distant future.


You can set up your Google+ Page at


If you fancy adding Memory Gate to your circles then that would be lovely.

If you want a bit of help getting the most out of your Google+ Page then check out this free eBook from HubSpot

eBook: How to Use Google+ for Business

In this guide you’ll learn:

  • How to set up a Google+ business page
  • Marketing best practices with your Google+ page
  • The benefits of Google+ in search
  • Google+ Circles & the value of segmentation
  • How to incorporate the +1 button on your blog


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