10 things a first time dad really wants for Father’s Day

This Father’s Day is extra special for me as it’ll be my first as a Dad. My darling wife has yet to inquire as to what my wishes are for this milestone day so I thought I’d compile a list of 10 things a first time dad like myself would want for Father’s Day.

1. An awesome photoshoot and Frame from Memory Gate Photography.
I’m not going to be shy about the fact that this is a shameless plug for our Father’s Day Photo Gifts. As a photographer it’ll actually be quite nice to have someone else taking the pictures.
This deal is really good though and at only £25 it is great value……go on…..have a look.

2. A proper lie in.
I’d really like the sort of lie in that teenagers have but 8am will certainly do.

3. Breakfast (of Champions) in bed.
As advanced as my 11 month old is her culinary talents have a long way to go to catch up with her basket weaving and haberdashery skills. This might be a mummy assisted exercise if all the details are to be done properly.
A breakfast of champions includes delicious bacon, ranch born eggs, outdoor bred sausages, toast (made from homemade bread), grilled organic green tomatoes, a selection of fried wild mushrooms picked from a local field at dawn
To accompany this feast a cup of freshly ground Kona Coffee would be perfect with a small glass of freshly juiced orange.

4. A couple of guilt free pints
At around 1pm I’d like a conversation that goes like this.
“I’m just going to the pub for a couple of hours to watch the (insert sporting event)”
“Ok my sweet, we’ll patiently wait here for you, don’t feel you need to rush back”

5. A mid afternoon nap
I love a good mid-afternoon nap but to be honest I can’t recall the last time I had one. This would be a real treat.

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6. Socks and pants
In my 36 years I don’t believe I have ever actually brought my own socks and pants. In that time I’ve survived on Christmas and birthday’s to replenish my supplies so this is a great opportunity.

7. No Postman Pat
In fact no children’s television whatsoever would be good. I’ve singled out Postman Pat due to his poor work ethic and disregard for budget limitations as highlight by Hurrah for Gin’s Open letter to Postman Pat.

8. Nice weather
What’s the point in having a special day like this in June if it goes and rains. I’d like it hot but not too hot thank you very much.

9. Steak and Chips
Wagu Beef would be a preference as would handmade chips and a big dish of peppercorn sauce.

10. A little bit of quiet time.
This can also be referred to as Daddy Time. Unlike Daddy down the Pub Time, Daddy time takes place in the home. It can last 20 minutes but the preferred minimum time is one hour.
Unlike Nap Time, Daddy Time can involve solo activities such as reading the paper, playing a dust covered Xbox, having a rest in the garden or playing whatever ridiculous iPhone app is the flavour of the month.


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