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Worst Gifts Survey

Dec 08 2012

We’ve all been given bad Christmas gifts in the past which have made us question whether the person really knows us at all – or made our blood boil. Here is a compilation of the worst gifts ever, so funny, so true… The Worst Gifts survey was recently conducted among 888 people by to find out who buys the worst gifts. Hilarious! And read the individual comments below for more laughs 🙂 Recycling unwanted gifts is great by re-gifting, but sometimes people take it to the extremes. ah ah You’ll love this list!

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Letter from Santa

Nov 15 2012

There’s nothing better for a child than receiving a letter Letter from Santa.

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Vintage Classic Literature for Children

Nov 12 2012

WHICH IS YOUR FAVOURITE CLASSIC NOVEL OF ALL TIMES? Mine still is Little Women. I can’t help but crying every time I read this old classic novel by Louisa May Alcott.

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Christmas Gift Guide 2012: Best Family DVDs

Nov 11 2012

These family movies might be a bit cheesy but we love cheese at Christmas and these are certainly our all time favourite movies to watch over Xmas together with the family. You will love them even more if you like pets and dogs 🙂

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Christmas gift guide 2011

Dec 01 2011

Look no further for unique Christmas Gifts. This guide is brought to you by London Mums’ panel of testers! There is something for every taste and for every pocket.

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