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Sorry Cherie Blair, but we are proud and efficient home mums & mumpreneurs!

Jun 21 2012

Yesterday morning LBC Radio called me to comment on Cherie Blair’s attack to women who prefer to stay at home, but unfortunately I had a dentist appointment and could not do the interview. Here is my response.

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Poor working mums to be hit by new welfare reforms, pushing a quarter of a million children deeper into poverty

Mar 13 2012
poor working mums

Save the Children launches MUMS UNITED campaign for struggling working mums. During the week of Mother’s Day, mums and celebrity mums across the UK are standing as ‘Mums United’ with Save the Children behind the slogan ‘Make Mums’ Day, Make Work Pay’.

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Mumpreneur’s testimonial: Cooking Gorgeous founder, Henny Flynn

Mar 01 2012

Cooking can be fun but it’s even better if you do it in an elegant outfit! For Cooking Gorgeous founder, Henny Flynn, aprons offering pretty fabrics with flouncy patterns just weren’t enough. An apron is a serious garment! And every great cook wants a trusty apron they can go back to again and again. An apron you can wear every day that’s ethically made, washes well, feels gorgeous, and always looks good. Henny Flynn set out to focus on form, fit, function, and fabric. And to maintain the ‘made in Britain’ ethos. A tall order…but one she’s achieved.

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Amazing and flexible job opportunity for mums as Harry Potter Tour Guides Wanted

Jan 13 2012

Amazing Harry Potter Tour Guides Wanted in London. Celebrity Planet are looking for great Harry Potter tour guides to run our exciting range of tours in London and around the UK.

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Mumpreneur’s testimonial: how Gillian Nissim set up a flexible working business

Jan 05 2012

In 2006, Gillian Nissim was a communications manager and had just had her second child. She needed flexible yet challenging work, but wasn’t able to find it.

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