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The case for a staggered return to work after maternity leave

Sep 14 2018

I have to say returning to work so far has been pretty good. I have enjoyed the challenges thrown at me and most importantly I haven’t struggled too much with missing my daughter. Undoubtedly the reason for this is because I have been able to negotiate a staggered return to work; working just two days a week for approximately two months, before I switch it up a level and then go up to four days. The next step, however, is a complete unknown to me though and I am nervous (to say the least) about trying to make it all work.

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Welcome to the fifth trimester; diary of a PR girl after maternity leave

Aug 20 2018

I went back to work the other week after almost a year of maternity leave and I have to say that, so far, I am really enjoying it. I was incredibly nervous before I went back with all sorts of thoughts and fears running through my head. Of course, many of those fears are still there, but at the same time, and as the days go on, they are also lessening in their intensity somewhat. 

To give you an idea, I decided to keep a little diary of how I felt prior to going back in comparison to how I am feeling a few weeks in to highlight just what a rollercoaster of emotion this whole process has been. Perhaps you might resonate with a few of these too?

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8 common mistakes all Mumpreneurs make

Jul 07 2018
mumpreneur and baby at laptop

No one ever plans to be a Mumpreneur. You don’t sit at school with a careers officer and tell them that one day you will start a business to work around your children. When you have children, life changes dramatically. You find yourself dealing with the stresses and expense of working full time and it can feel very overwhelming. It also means you cannot be there for your children when you would like as you have to fit around the constraints of an employer. This is when women turn to self-employment as they see it as the answer to these problems.

However, there are a number of common mistakes Mumpreneurs often make when starting their business, which I explain in detail below:

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Higher Education and the busy London Mum

Nov 19 2012

Pauline Lamunu made the leap into an undergraduate degree three years ago and has never looked back. Now, she wants to encourage other mums to face their fears and do the same.

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