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Exclusive! Edward Norton: “I love movies… but when I act in theatre I feel like a rock star..!”

Sep 25 2020

A close encounter with Edward Norton by Francesca Lombardo, journalist and author. 

Edward Norton is one of the best actors of his generation with an Oscar nomination under his belt for his breakthrough role in Primal Fear, but he has always aspired to approach film making from a 360 degrees perspective not only as an actor but as a writer, scriptwriting, director and as a producer.

And in Motherless Brooklyn, a period film set in a highly corrupted new York in the fifties – first presented at the Toronto Film Festival last year – he embodies all that as he has been the main actor, the scriptwriter and also the director.

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This Week’s Movie News From Talking Pictures

Sep 16 2015

It’s all about numbers on this week’s Talking Pictures, the move podcast from our film critic, Freda Cooper.  Maze Runner:The Scorch Trials is the second in the franchise and its star, Dylan O’Brien, kicks off his running shoes to take up the hot seat in the big interview.  Irrational Man is Woody Allen’s 50th film, but is it golden?  And there’s double trouble with Tom Hardy playing both Kray twins in the gangster flick, Legend.

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