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Exercise can make you feel like ‘you’ again – top 5 moves to do whilst baby is napping

Jun 18 2018

If you have read my previous blogs, then you will know that I was very worried before I went off on maternity leave that I would lose my identity without my career. Regularly there are days when I need to remind myself who I am and reassure myself that I am more than just a feeding, highchair cleaning, nappy changing, baby brain nursery rhyme singer. One of the ways I do this is by doing exercise. Yes sounds silly I know, but honestly, it just reminds me that I am more than just a mummy and helps me see clearly again, no matter how foggy my brain feels. 

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Falling Off The Diet Wagon? Here’s Five Facts About Weight Loss That Explain Why

Jan 31 2014

DON’T want to be a killjoy, but did you know that research shows the first week in February is when most women ditch their New Year diet because they can’t hack it any more? It’s about now when willpower turns into won’t-power and all our resolutions go to pot.

It’s estimated that 15 million Britons are on a diet at any one time. That’s one person in four! Funny how so many of us diet year after year even though we know that any weight we lose will go back on again as soon as we stop.

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