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Eat yourself beautiful (hooray!)

May 02 2013

I’m reading the most amazing book, The Clear Skin Cookbook, in it Dale Pinnock reveals how different vitamins and minerals really get to work on our skin. He looks into the science of how the skin works and goes on to suggest some very simple, tasty meals that are packed full of skin-boosting compounds.

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Win 1 of 5 Braun ThermoScan®, doctor’s number one ear thermometer

Nov 13 2012

Colds and the flu are very common infectious diseases young children have to deal with during the winter season. In fact, most infections babies and young children have to deal with are febrile infections. These infections come with fever, which is part of the body’s natural defence mechanism to fight against viruses and bacteria. That’s why having an accurate and easy to use thermometer is key for every household.

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ALERT! Important info on Vitamin D deficiency

May 19 2012

Recently my doctor found out that I kept having recurring colds and inflamed sinuses due to lack of Vitamin D. Apparently I am not alone as 85% of British adults suffer under Vitamin D3 deficiency due to the lack of sunshine.

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The A-C of vitamins – Vitamins: what do you need, how do you get them? by Dr Sarah Jarvis

Feb 09 2012

We all want to be in the best possible health – and we certainly want the best for our children. Most of us can get enough vitamins from a healthy balanced diet – but some of us need a little extra help.

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