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Travelling with children and essential holiday first aid advice

Jun 11 2022

Travelling with a baby or toddler for the first time can be daunting and exhausting experience. Here are some top tips and practical advice to help smooth the way for a happy and healthy holiday.

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Great Australian beaches to visit with kids

Dec 31 2021
beaches Australia

If you decide to visit Australia with your family, you won’t regret it. The country offers a unique experience with wildlife, nature, and cultural heritage. Even spending time on the beach is anything but an ordinary day of sunbathing and swimming. 

Australia has access to three oceans and the same number of seas. It also has rivers and lakes that are favourite spots for both tourists and locals. Here are great Australian beaches to visit with kids that will have you come back again.   

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Chatting to the founder of Ragazze in gamba, the largest network of female slow walkers and hikers in Italy

Jan 25 2021

I recently met the founder of Ragazze in gamba, the largest network of female slow walkers and hikers in Italy – by Francesca Lombardo.

More than ever, slow walking and hiking have become popular activities for women to discover places, reconnect with the environment and nature, and detoxify, escape, and reconnect with ourselves.

When this happens in a country steeped in history, cultural sites, striking diversified nature and scenery, and walking paths, it is easy to understand how fast this trend has grown, gathering communities of slow walkers and hikers together, particularly women.

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Travel with a Cause – Best Destinations for Young People to Make a Difference

Mar 13 2020
young people travel

Today, people travel around the world for various reasons other than just to be ordinary tourists. Among those, you will often find travellers who want to help communities they visit and give a deeper meaning to their travels. This travel with a cause is most common among the younger generation that would often use a gap year to meet and assist the less fortunate countries, their population, and nature. If you want to experience something so fulfilling, here are the best destinations allowing young people to make a difference.  

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Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travelist

Sep 25 2015

Lonely Planet guidebooks have been the only book companions during my world travels since 2000 because of their no-nonsense approach and real practical advice. I have always felt that they were the only travel guides I could trust as they shared my interest for genuine and non touristic locations when visiting new countries. The latest guide to be published is a spectacular book, the Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travelist, the definitive bucket list for every type of traveller accompanied by stunning photography.

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