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Me and My Cat

Oct 19 2012

A puuurrrfect picture book! From playing games to eating dinner and reading their favourite bedtime story, this little girl and her cat do everything together. And they’re always there to help each other out – because that’s what best friends do.

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Disney Research Shows that Busy Parents are struggling to find the time for Storytelling

Oct 05 2012

In the 70s when I was a toddler, I grew up with Disney stories and at that time there was only Disney to entertain us. My 6 year old son now is growing up with so many new characters but personally I still prefer the Disney ones as they appeal to a universal audience and offer such great values to look forward to. A few days ago I attended the launch of the Winnie the Pooh Storytelling Academy where I had the pleasure of meeting the fabulous Zoe Ball as well as child psychologist Emma Kenny, and Disney’s Justine Finch.

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