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Monica & Freda together on the new edition of Talking Pictures podcast – Enjoy our chat!

Jul 09 2015

The latest edition of Talking Pictures podcast has arrived!  And London Mums’ very own Monica Costa makes her debut on the show, chatting with Freda about the big family films coming up this summer. New releases at the cinema this week include Ted 2, which is strictly for grown-ups, and Dustin Hoffman in The Choir. On DVD there’s Julianne Moore’s Oscar winning performance in Still Alice and something for the petrol heads in the family, Lauda:The Untold Story.

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Film Review: The Choir

Jul 08 2015

Dustin Hoffman’s interest in music – he learnt piano as a child – has come to the fore in recent years. His first outing as a feature film director, Quartet (2012) was set in a retirement home for musicians. In The Choir, which is released on Friday, certificate PG, he’s back in front of the camera, playing a maestro in charge of highly esteemed group of young singers. But London Mums’ film critic, Freda Cooper, is convinced she’s seen this story before – and only a few months ago.

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