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Easter Chick baby/child personalised photographs

Mar 28 2012

Would you like a personalised digital Easter Picture created from your own baby photograph, like this one? All you have to do is take the photo in the same sort of position and email it to me direct. You can pay by Paypal or send a cheque.

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Winners of our London photography competition!!

Feb 02 2012

It’s been a long process but we have finally selected the winners of the London Mums photography competition. The amazing prizes are sponsored by
a Fish in Sea and authors of Never Mind the Botox.

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September 2011 Newsletter

Sep 02 2011

Dear London Mums

School and nursery are finally starting again and it will feel like going on holiday for us mums! As school preparations get underway check out our ‘back to school’ feature including school essentials, handwriting tips, colouring and being creative, facts on the true cost of school bags, gluten free school lunch ideas and school fundraising tips (for PTA activists).

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The Baby Photographer – Delivery Day

Aug 18 2011

As I work 100% on location and most of our clients are new mums, one of the most important parts of our business is delivering our work.


A few weeks ago I wrote an article at which was part of a series titled Marketing Campaigns for photographers. I describe why I think deliveries, done in person, are an important part of our business.


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The baby photographer – Competition time

Aug 11 2011

I’m going to start off my new series of articles here at London Mums with a little bit of a competition.

I’m in the cute baby photography business so I wanted something to tie in with that.

We’ve got a whole load of Memory Gate Photography vouchers sitting in the office waiting to send out to our winners.


The competition

Cute babies and crazy kids


Everybody likes a cute baby photo but let’s not forget those crazy faces that they pull!


Email me some of your own favourites that you have taken and they’ll be prizes for the ones we feature.

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