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London Mums take Christmas-themed cookery classes: tips and recipes

Dec 23 2021

London Mums were invited to attend a cooking class with Tesco’s top chef – Jamie – assisted by Adam. The purpose of the class was to offer up a few tips for Christmas favourites.

On arrival we were greeted by Dags, who was very cheerful and gave us a small tour of the cooking premises, located close to Holloway Road Tube station – the preparation area consisted of half a dozen cooking stations, each with an electric induction heater and all the required ingredients already set out in small dishes.

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Summer Crafting

Aug 14 2014

Sometimes, even when the sun is shining, it’s nice to have a craft project on the go. Somehow sitting quietly and dabbing a bit of paint here and making a few twists with some thread there calms the soul and recharges the batteries of over-excited children – and parents – sufficiently for another round of tree climbing or bike riding. Go Create have come up with a wonderful selection of craft kits that are fun for all ages and even better use some of the items from your recycling – you’ll never look at a juice box the same way again. Here you can find some Summer crafting ideas.

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