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Summer Holiday Tips to CREATIVELY Entertain Kids

Aug 22 2012

As the Summer holidays creep closer and closer, the thought of keeping your little ones entertained for six weeks can be daunting. No-one wants to hear the cry of “I’m bored!” and no-one wants to station their kids in front of the TV for weeks on end. There is an avalanche of summer activities for your child to get involved with, but summer camps, classes and workshops can all start to add up – especially if you’re also taking a family holiday. What can be even more special and memorable is playing at home: the summer holidays are a wonderful opportunity for imaginative and creative play.

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Summer in the city

Jun 29 2012

Here are the most useful products to survive the summer in the City. Enjoy!

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Swimming games to help kids feel safe in water

Jun 27 2012

In light of the report from the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) which reveals a third of children in England cannot swim by the time they leave primary school, here are five simple, yet fun swimming games which parents can play with their children to help teach them how to swim and to feel confident and happy in the water.

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SUMMER SOFA SYNDROME: Summer holidays pose a serious health risk to 4.3 million UK children

Jun 15 2012

Six glorious weeks of freedom might sound like a dream come true, but research from weight management company, MoreLife, reveals that the school holidays are turning into a very real nightmare, posing a serious health risk to 4.3 million children across the UK.

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