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Top ten tips for how to put on a right Royal British party for the Diamond Jubilee – a quintessential British celebration

May 28 2012

This blog features Polly Betton’s Party Hosting Tips and Quotes on how to throw a great Royal British party. 

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How To Throw The Ultimate Jubilympic Street Party

May 26 2012

The ultimate street party is all about the people – friends, family, neighbours or work colleagues, it’s the perfect chance to sit back, relax and enjoy a bank holiday weekend! So make sure you follow our top tips to create your very own Jubilympic street party. If you cannot have the Queen in person attending, make sure that you throw a great party without HM!

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The Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant: all you need to know to be in the right place

May 24 2012

Lots of people have asked me recently if I know where the Pageant is starting from, where it goes etc etc. Then I researched and I found this amazing iPad app that will help getting people to the right places at the right time during the Pageant journey.

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Top decorating tips for a Diamond Jubilee themed party

May 17 2012

A really fun and simple way to decorate your home or party venue with a Jubilee red, white and blue colour scheme is to make some pretty ribbon pompoms.
Each pompom is made up of four large bows tied together, so you need to start by making your bows.

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May 11 2012

CHUNKY CHICKEN CURRY (serves 8 people) recipe kindly donated by Butlins and the Kids Cooking Company.

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