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Gazpacho Recipe

Jun 28 2012

This is Darren Marshall (Head Chef at Island Grill, overlooking Hyde Park)’s recipe for gazpacho. It is the one his wife’s family makes at home in Galicia (North of Spain).

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Jun 10 2012

A simple cheesecake using Vanilla Ice Cream. If wishing to make this in advance, freeze thoroughly and remove from the freezer 20 minutes before serving.

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Recipe: Caramel Apple Strudel parcels

Jun 09 2012
Caramelised apples and vanilla ice cream

These wonderful individual Caramel Apple Strudel parcels could be served with Vanilla Ice Cream but the caramel flavour makes them extra special.This is the perfect recipe for a stay at home mum and a clever idea on what to make with fresh apples for kids.

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Al Fresco Feasts part 6: So Easy Chocolate and Summer Fruit Ripple

Jun 08 2012

These quick picnic recipes make it easy to make the most of the sunshine with your family this summer. If you’re lapping up the sun in the garden at home, give these treats a try. Simply chill in the fridge for half an hour, then enjoy!

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Al Fresco Feasts part 3: Summery Chicken Salad Wrap

Jun 03 2012

Super easy and healthy meal idea for this Jubilympic summer. Ideal for quick fixes at street parties.

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