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Five Ingenious Storage Solutions for Your Home

Jun 12 2014

We’re already mid-year, my goodness! I thought to mix it up a bit rather than my usual Q&A sessions, I’d compile all my super storage advice for you into one article, as a large majority of questions I get asked are regarding those tricky areas. My mother taught me that the best solution for clutter is a garbage bag and a cool head. But after you’ve discarded all unnecessary trinkets, what happens to the items you actually need? The truth is, if you have belongings, you will need storage, and the key to great storage is finding a place for items that does not infringe upon open space and adds a certain je ne sais quoi. I have compiled the clever storage solutions below because they exemplify great storage, allowing you to stow items proudly, in the open, without interfering with a room’s design.

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Easy DIY – Family Friendly Refurbishments

May 18 2014

A family home has so many demands placed on it that it’s a wonder any property stands up to the wish list we devise for our safety, comfort and pleasure. But believe it or not, it is completely possible to achieve a home that works for your needs without losing your sanity! The big thing is to be perfectly honest with yourself about how your home needs to work. Yes, you may be hankering after clean lines and a Scandi vibe, but will that work with your lifestyle? If you work from home for example, it’s a good idea to have your work area away from the main living space. And don’t forget, open plan living is noisy – there is no getting away from the sound of the kitchen when you want to relax and watch telly.

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