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Feb 26 2013

New research shows that ‘pretend play’ is the defining childhood activity of the last 50 years, uniting the generations.

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CLARE BALDING kick-starts an initiative to support young people’s careers in the football industry

Feb 03 2013

Last year’s sporting success had a real impact on young people’s perceptions of female athletes. So Clare Balding has now kick-started npower What’s Your Goal?, an initiative that offers young people once-in-a-lifetime opportunities in the football industry. Clare is leading an exclusively female line up of 11 inspirational and successful women currently working within the football industry who will act as mentors.

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Pole Dancing: Post Natal Path to Your Best Body Ever! (even better than before the baby!)

Oct 25 2012

Pole dancing is fast becoming a mainstream form of fitness. With celebrities such as Eva Longoria and Kate Hudson embracing it and UK’s Amanda Holden mother-of-two also having a go, many women are now using pole dance as a way to improve their fitness (not to mention bask in the fun of strutting sultry round the pole to make you feel glam and sexy whilst actually working out!) Benefits of Pole Dancing include: Improved muscle tone (polers are known for their 6 packs!), healthier cardiovascular fitness, enhanced upper body and core strength, Increased flexibility and it builds confidence.

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Parents’ 9-5: A hurdle to children’s sporting ambitions

Sep 13 2012

Parent’s long working hours are preventing kids getting into sport according to a new report.

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Get kids active at football schools this summer

Jul 17 2012

Enjoy the ultimate Chelsea FC experience by attending one of fantastic Chelsea Soccer Schools this summer!

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