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Jul 14 2012

In a world of mass production, factory made synthetics and materials often reach the market that not even a machine would love; with this in mind, the battle to get quality bedding is becoming ever harder.

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New and Inspired products tailored for you, your baby’s safety and wellbeing

Apr 18 2012

London Mums’ favourite baby feeding essentials! Funky, fashionable, unbreakable but more importantly safe and cost effective.

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Baby Sleep and Crying (by expert Alison Knights)

Apr 09 2012

Why do babies cry? If you’re having problems with baby sleep and need advice with you baby not sleeping, read on for help from Ali Knights.

Crying is nature’s way of saying, ‘I need you, I cannot manage how I feel on my own as I have not yet got the brain development to mange my distress, I need your help to make me feel calm again’. It is the most basic communication between baby and parent.

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Baby sleep – Leading by example (by expert Jo Tantum)

Jan 31 2012

When you’ve just had a baby, sometimes it feels like they’re holding your sleeping hours hostage! In this article Jo Tantum (Baby sleep expert) shows us how to take back control, and encourage positive sleep patterns. This article is courtesy of

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