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How to cope with being a single parent

Dec 27 2014

“I feel exhausted trying to juggle being a single parent and working at the same time. I don’t feel I am doing well at either.” 

Does this sound familiar? Being a single working parent can be very demanding.  The transition from being part of a team managing your time equally, to coping alone can often seem impossible.

Being a single parent means that you have to juggle so much more and for some this means less time spent with the children in order to work or provide. With this inevitably comes the feeling of guilt. That as a result, some parents cannot be there for their children as much as their children would like, and the stresses and strains of working life can make things very difficult at home.

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Paid-for media opportunity for single parents

Oct 17 2012

Boundless Productions are looking for a mixed sex Focus Group of people to give their opinions on a new on-line dating website aimed at Single Parents.

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