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Helping your child with times tables

Sep 21 2015
Parents are always on call with homework support. Times tables are essential for maths and children need quick multiplication skills throughout high school, college, and life. Mum and dad need a lot of patience to help their child work with and enjoy the quest of conquering these figures, but be sure that it is well worth it in the end. In this feature London Mums offer help and tools that will come in handy when helping your child with times tables.

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Aug 31 2014

Is there any such thing as normality with kids? Of course not, but a decent routine is likely to help us run a smooth family life.

With children heading back to school after the long Summer break, it’s important to help them get back into a sleeping schedule to ensure they are well rested and prepared for the day ahead. As a bonus, more sleep for the children generally means more sleep for parents too! To add to that it is crucial to also reassure them that school is fun and help them get back into a learning mode. We know how hard the first few days after the school holidays can be. To help you get back to some sort of ‘normality’, I have gathered great tips from two experts.

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Improve Success in School with Right Brain Learning

Oct 29 2013

Even though half the UK’s students are right brain learners many schools today are still catering primarily for left brain learners. If your child is struggling to learn it may be that their learning style is not being catered for. Recognising that there are different ways of thinking and understanding helps us to realise that children who are struggling are not necessarily academically challenged but may not be being taught using the right methods.

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Could you confidently advise your child on post-school education options?

Aug 11 2013

As the schools break up, it’s natural that many parents of children in the mid-to-late teens will be preoccupied with what their son or daughter is going to do when they finish school for the last time. With economic uncertainty continuing and rising youth unemployment, there’s a lot of pressure on both parents and young people to make the right decision.

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Parents call for greater access to drinking water in primary schools

May 28 2013

According to a new research, children are not getting access to basic drinking water requirements at school, despite Department of Education guidelines. This is particularly sensitive now that the government plans to allow childminders and nursery staff to look after more children in England.

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