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The 11+ entrance exam journey

Nov 26 2016

It’s wise to start planning early for your child’s move to senior school. Begin by finding out which local schools are available to your child, and consider how far you would consider commuting across London for the right school.

If you are considering selective state or independent schools, it’s essential to have your child academically assessed. This will allow you to find out if they could pass the 11+ (and whether they are likely to thrive in an academically selective senior school).  Good assessment feedback should also include advice on which schools would be a good fit for your child’s ability and academic potential.

If you decide a selective school is right for your child, this is where the journey through the 11+ entrance exam begins!

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How to avoid Summer regression

Aug 31 2016

JK Educate debunk the myths around your child’s education. Avoid Summer Regression! We all hear how important it is that children avoid forgetting what they’ve learned and losing their learning momentum during the long holidays. This is often called Summer Regression, which sounds quite alarming, but in truth you can prevent it very easily!

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Should kids play chess? Research suggests that they should! Don’t miss the London Chess Classic (1-10 December 2012)

Nov 27 2012

There are studies that suggest that introducing pupils to chess at a young age offers them a host of educational and social benefits that are not engendered by other team and individual sports. Numerous research studies have shown the positive impact chess has on students’ academic performance, especially in maths, reading, problem solving and attendance levels. Chess is a universal game and brings children of different ages, races and genders together in an activity they can all enjoy. Chess can also teach children valuable life lessons such as sportsmanship – how to win graciously, accept defeat, learn from it and persevere.

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Back to school – Tested and recommended: School Uniforms & other school essentials

Aug 24 2012

Here is a list of school essentials tested and recommended by London Mums.

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Smoothly Back To School! The essential back to school Guide for parents!

Aug 23 2012

Here are our top tips on how to help kids have a smooth back to school transition.

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