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Parents call for greater access to drinking water in primary schools

May 28 2013

According to a new research, children are not getting access to basic drinking water requirements at school, despite Department of Education guidelines. This is particularly sensitive now that the government plans to allow childminders and nursery staff to look after more children in England.

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New Evian Break-dancing tots advert to become one of the most watched viral campaigns with over 40m YouTube views

Apr 29 2013

Once again Evian has released a new iconic viral advert which is amazing and almost surpassing the previous one. The babies are back: Evian’s new ad campaign features infants in a dance-off with their adult selves. AMAZING! London Mums absolutely love it and you? What’s your favourite baby star?

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Top tips for children hydration

Jul 03 2012

Expert tool launched to encourage children to develop healthy hydration habits.

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