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Royal Baby Christening Gift Guide Inspired by George and fit for a Prince (or Princess)

Oct 22 2013

It’s official! The baptism of Prince George will take place at 3pm in the Chapel Royal at St James’s Palace. Everyone is wondering which gifts he will receive for this occasion, what he will wear, who will be visiting him on that day.
Your dear friends, siblings, cousins, or future Heirs to the throne have just given birth to a wonderful little bundle of joy. But what do you get for the royal baby that has everything, or the baby of a beloved for whom you want the perfect gift?

We have put together a guide to Christening gifts. They usually are so useless but we have found a few that you will love.

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The guide to raising your baby like a royal

Aug 31 2013

Here is Grooming and Etiquette Expert Jean Broke-Smith’s tongue and cheek guide to raise your baby like a royal 🙂 Enjoy!

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ROYAL BABY: Save the Children reveals what not to buy for a baby shower

Jul 22 2013

As the nation prepares to deluge the royal baby with gifts, here is a handy guide for those thinking of buying for Kate or other mums to be.

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Children’s Skincare

Jul 11 2013

How many times do we wonder as parents whether we do the right thing with regards to our children’s skincare. I have asked myself lots of questions over the years and done some research, checked with experts and here are some answers on skincare that are simple enough be explained to kids too.

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Britain’s going Baby Bonkers: sales of pregnancy tests are up by 300%!

Jan 24 2013

Sales figures on pregnancy aids indicate that recreation has turned to procreation as the nation is inspired by a raft of celebrity pregnancies both sides of the pond.

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