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Recipe: Pea Mint & Lettuce Soup

Jan 13 2013

Very quick, very colourful, very moreish, in no way seems like a ‘slimming soup’ and children love it!

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Recipe: Crab & Ginger Soup

Jan 11 2013

Velvety smooth, deliciously fishy and great for entertaining.

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Recipe: Tomato, Parma Ham & Asparagus Pizza

Jan 01 2013

Yummy Pizza recipe for the whole family. If you can get the children to help you prepare and eat this, this dish includes all nutrients kids need (protein, starch, fibres). Brilliant!

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Recipe: Hummus with red peppers and walnuts

Dec 30 2012

Here is a lovely variation of the Oriental classic wonderful dip.

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Recipe: Vegetable quiche, Mediterranean style

Dec 28 2012

Easy and yummy vegetarian dish.

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