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Mini Chocolate Meringues

Jun 23 2012

Easy recipe to make mini Chocolate Meringues. Great for parties, street parties and kids’ events in general.

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Snack Recipe: Chocolate & Blueberry Topped Bagels

Jun 21 2012

Here you go an easy and quick recipe for a tasty snack both for kids and …. mums of course.

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Jun 11 2012

A great dessert any time of the year, but a particular favourite for winter.

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Al Fresco Feasts part 6: So Easy Chocolate and Summer Fruit Ripple

Jun 08 2012

These quick picnic recipes make it easy to make the most of the sunshine with your family this summer. If you’re lapping up the sun in the garden at home, give these treats a try. Simply chill in the fridge for half an hour, then enjoy!

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Jun 04 2012

Summer berries marinated in sweet white wine and fresh mint, complimented with Vanilla Ice Cream. Simply beautiful.

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