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Courgette & Bacon Soup

Jul 02 2012

A light and summery, rustic broth made using courgette, bacon and any extra vegetables you may have.

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Classic Carbonara – an Italian feast

Jul 01 2012

A classic Italian dish of smoked bacon served with pasta and a creamy parmesan sauce.

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Chocolate Mousse with dried Raspberries – idea for canapés

Jun 29 2012

I have recently read this headline ‘More Chocolate, Fewer Heart Attacks’ and obviously thought ‘Hurra!’! Wouldn’t you?!

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Gazpacho Recipe

Jun 28 2012

This is Darren Marshall (Head Chef at Island Grill, overlooking Hyde Park)’s recipe for gazpacho. It is the one his wife’s family makes at home in Galicia (North of Spain).

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Brandied Chocolate Cherry Dessert

Jun 24 2012

This is a rich boozy dessert obviously only for mums and dads 🙂 You can impress your friends over dinner too with these little treats.

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