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Books to read with the kids over Easter

Mar 26 2013

Celebrate Easter with the kids with some great new books.

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Win 1 of 15 ‘Alphablocks – Phonics First Steps Volume 1’ DVDs

Mar 07 2013

Enter the magical world of reading with the hit CBeebies show, Alphablocks. Learn to read with the Alphablocks Phonics First Steps Volume 1 DVD released on 25th February 2013.

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Early readers should be taught meaning, not sound

Jan 30 2013

Children would find it much easier to learn to read and write if they were first taught how the English language works and what words mean, rather than trying to sound out words.

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Becoming bilingual: great starter books

Nov 17 2012

Icklelingo has created a series of books that are ideal starter kits for all those kids who live in multilingual environments as well as the bilingual ones.

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Vintage Classic Literature for Children

Nov 12 2012

WHICH IS YOUR FAVOURITE CLASSIC NOVEL OF ALL TIMES? Mine still is Little Women. I can’t help but crying every time I read this old classic novel by Louisa May Alcott.

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