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Memoir Writing: a literary journey into human resilience

May 19 2021

By Francesca Lombardo – I was 25 years old when I asked myself questions such as “why can’t she see me?”, “why can’t she hear me?”, “who is she?”, “who was she really when she was a child just like me?”. 

The person I wanted to ask all these questions was my mother. A mystery to me as a child, as a teen and as young women that I longed to unlock. But mostly a pain that leaves many daughters struggling with their sense of self-worth and a fractured identity; a yearning that turns into an abyssal void. It was then that I jotted down a letter to her, a letter that I have never sent.

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Book review: The Good Little Devil and Other Tales by Pierre Gripari

Sep 30 2013

The Good Little Devil and Other Tales by Pierre Gripari is a French children’s classic book that is recently being published in the UK for the first time. It is a collection of absurd and improbable modern fairy tales for good little devils everywhere!

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To read or not to read – that is the question?

Sep 25 2013

With the end of the summer holidays and beginning of another school year, many students will be getting to grips with their new reading lists. However a new survey from Opinium Research suggests that for UK adults, regular reading often ends when school does. To read or not to read, that is the question? We want to hear your opinion on this London Mums. How many books do you manage to read in your minimal spare time?

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Exclusive fairy tale: Four cheeky monkeys and the big snake by Giovanna Bindi

Apr 11 2013

Here is another great story by our in-house artist Giovanna Bindi, a true inspiration for London Mums & kids. Come & meet her at our art club Mondays in Putney.

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Top First Children’s Books

Apr 07 2013

Despite loving the technology and the new ways of reading books via tablets, we still love reading stories to our kids by turning pages. There’s no question about it. Here is London Mums’ selection of top first children’s books for 2013.

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